earth is touching


Fire is warm and cozy, like a purring Tiger.

Fire is bright and dangerous, like a growling Tiger.

Feeling the sunshine, flowers and smiles blossom.

Tigers blossom with smiles of black and orange.

We are Tigers.  Our prickly fur alive and awake as a crackling fire.  Ki Ki So So!


The mountains and valleys are the playground of leaping Lions.

Jumping is fun, but what if we could never come back down to earth?

The earth is so kind to hold us all, so that we can walk and dance and leap.

It takes care of all of us with rocky power and beauty,

Allowing us to be Snow Lions, wearing the clouds as a scarf.  Ki Ki So So!


The mighty Garuda is the wind, always moving, everywhere and nowhere.

Air is a tiny gasp of breath.  Air is a giant tsunami.  Air flows through your flute making music.

Air is home to the birds, and their king is the Garuda.

We are the Garudas, masters of the sky.  Our wings open, open, open.  Ki Ki So So!


A drop of rain lands on your tongue and you taste a cloud.  A teardrop falls and you taste the ocean.

Water is big and small, alive and crafty, magical and mysterious, just like the Turquoise Dragon.

When the Dragon roars, thunder shakes the sky.

When the Dragon sleeps, winter is here.  In the summer the mountain lakes are full of Dragon treasure.

We are Dragons, magical and beautiful, growing and changing like rivers, icicles, and clouds. Ki Ki So So!

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