4 Principles of Basic Goodness


1. Everyone Has Basic Goodness

Everyone has basic goodness; therefore everyone is worthy of respect. Everyone has a place, and everyone has a voice. We are complete as we are and we deserve to rediscover our full humanity, to honor and express our intelligence, our gentleness, and our openness.

2. Kindness is Strength

Sometimes we think that aggression makes us powerful, but aggressive actions, harsh words, judgment, and gossip weaken us and harm others. Negative actions come from insecurity. Kindness flows from having relaxation and trust in oneself.  Being kind to ourselves is how we learn and grow; showing kindness to others makes society beautiful and strong.

3. Fear is a Stepping-stone

Fear is an aspect of life that we all share, but ignoring our fears makes them bigger. Hiding makes us small and unhappy. With trust and gentleness we can smile at fear and step through it. We can go beyond our fear. We can take one step after another into a bigger, more colourful world.

4. Bravery is Being Who You Are

Knowing that our body and mind are true and good allows us to be genuine. We can simply be, fully and gloriously, as we are. This bravery gives us the inspiration to meet life’s challenges. Our whole life is a path of learning. We can travel it with purpose, confidence, and compassion.

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