the quality of mercy is not strained

febmarch 2010 029Compassion may sound like a very grand idea, but at its base it is simply human kindness.  Kindness is the beating heart of humanity, the warmth that keeps us alive, that inspires our smile. It is the care that causes us to snuggle into our coat when the icy wind blows.  Kindness need not be “for” anyone.  It is simply what flows out of our beings because we are alive and we want to be alive.  Not everyone always acts kindly towards themselves or others of course, not terrorists, not politicians, not you and me, not children.  But kindness exists, flowing out, even as it is captured and distorted by lack of trust.  We yearn, even through all our shields, everything that separates us, to connect as human beings, to understand each other as human beings, which is to know each other’s kindness, and our own.

Society has the ability to empower this natural expression, this ordinary kindness.  We can create constellations of humanity that form the shapes of trust, warmth and attention.  Practicing the rituals of everyday life in this way, we can unleash this kindness in ourselves and each other.  This brings a sense of grace, gentleness and joy that is so ordinary we may not even notice it.  We just let the bottle of ourselves spill out. We feel natural, because we are more connected. Connection makes the fabric of culture, kindness weaves it tight, and ritual is the loom.